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Prepare     Beta

❏ We are partnering with designing firms, and introducing Modular Design to make selections easier.

 ❏ We work closely with all kinds of vendors, and create material lists for you. 


 ❏ We take care of your building management and DOB Application.


Live View   Beta

❏ We are testing to install cloud cameras at our job sites to better monitor and update progress. 


❏ Clients will be able to see the Construction live while at work, and/or on vacation. 

❏ Audible camera will enable remote meetings. 

We track   Beta

❏ We utilize up-to-date tools to shared info and communicate - internal and external.

❏ The live view enables job site tracking, and life 360 GPS improves internal management tracking.

Bnh Build  Beta

❏ We believe in all renovation, there are only 4 steps, and 3 layers, just like a layer cake. 


❏ We not only accept credit card payments, we work with lenders for different needs- small renovation loans to major ones.

Real estate investor

❏ We also renovate to help investors sell properties.

❏ No matter if you own a single investment property, multiple rental dwelling, or in need of updating and listing - we have something for you. 


Contact us and we will talk.  

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